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Auction Team

Our Auction Team has many years of experience behind them.  We have several of our Team members we have worked with for many years.  These Team members can answer many questions you might have at an Auction about the way the Auction works.  They enjoy Auctions as much as we do.  When you meet them, have fun.

Dan Proskine, Owner of Double D Auto in Kamiah. He has been around Auctions for several years. Like to Golf and loves to have a good time at auctions.  A great asset to our Team.  If you need a vehicle or are looking for one give Dan a call at 208.983.0788

Teresa Weeks, She is an Advanced EMT and an EMT Instructor, Works at the local Medicaln clinics. Loves to Hunt and camp on her own land. She Does everything from help with Clerking to Ringman to Cashiering.

Tyson Weeks, He is and Advanced EMT and an EMT Instructor, He Works at Clearwater Valley Hospital. His passion is cooking, Want something special made contact him. You will find him Clerking or cashiering.

Nicole Weeks.  Nicole does all of the Check In and Check Out.  She also spends a lot of time helping Setup.

Rockie Meese: Retired Veterinarian who loves auctions and a good deal.  He has spent many days going to auctions and he himself has had an estate/moving auction.

Terri Meese: Does Clerking and checking in and out when you get the auction you will see her. She is a caring peoples person who has gone through there own auctions and goes to them frequently looking for good collectibles and good deals,

Randy Wilson who is a former builder and currently works on airplanes, He also loves auctions.

Cathy Wilson is Randy’s wife is learning to be our clerk. She is ambitious and smart she is doing very well in learning more about auctions. She is quick humored, Firey, and very smart, quick to laugh a good peoples person

Chris Flerchinger: Just a guy who helps everybody. Loves trapping and cutting wood. I have known Chris for many years. He is an all around good guy.

Skyler Massey: Owner CV Lawn Care. Been friends for over 20 years.  He has helped me in many ways.  He is also looking for good deals.  He spends lots of time buying at auctions.

Perry Warren has been with us about four years and is a very hard worker,  Perry is one of my main pickup and haul men.

we would like to thank our main team members, and those that help us when we need a physical boost and donate thier time and energy. We consider our auction help our extended family.

Team Members who have helped us and can answer Questions

Willie Willis. Local mfarmer and all around great guy, married to Billie Willis.  A great friend and Mentor, he will do anything for anybody.