Auction Team

Our Auction Team has many years of experience behind them.  We have several of our Team members we have worked with for many years.  These Team members can answer many questions you might have at an Auction about the way the Auction works.  They enjoy Auctions as much as we do.  When you meet them, have fun.

Louise Haukdahl:  Louise has worked with Ted setting up Auctions for many years and is very expirienced as a Clerk, cashier, and ring person.  She is Married To Donny who is a noted Contractor in the area. Louise has two children and lives in the Kooskia, Idaho area and has for many years, Louise also works at the Clearwater Valley High School and is loved by everyone.

Willy Willis: Lives in the Kooskia Area along Hwy 12 and is retired. Willy has been around Auctions for many years. He has worked around Ted for over 12 years. He is a great ringman and has done some auctioneering as well He is well know in the Auction circle and has helped many different Auctioneers. He is married Billy Willis who owns and manages the Hair Port in Kamiah. Willy, when not working around his place is probably fishing or at an Auction.

Teresa Weeks: She is My Daughter and she can do anything she wants. She has recently started practicing to try and do some auctioneering. She helps set up auctions and she also does ringman duties as well as clerking and cashiering she can been seen doing it all. She is currently a graduate of BYU idaho and a CNA and Phlebotomist.

Tyson Weeks: Is my son and one of the best workers I know he has been helping me move items and set up auction for many years. He loves the computers and is one of the best cashiers we have. He is a little twin brother to Teresa. He is currently attending BYU Idaho.

Steve and Donna Eich:  Steve and his wife donna  have ben coming to our auction when they are in there area.  Steve recently attended Auction school and helps an auction company in Nevada.  When in the area Steve loves to do some auctioneering.  Like all of the other helpers we have,  Steve  and Donna love to talk  to people.