First Hunt Foundation, A dream coming to life


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The First Hunt Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to keeping the hunting heritage alive in America. As society becomes more and more urban, many of the traditional values such as hunting for subsistence or resource management are being challenged. The Foundation works primarily with youth who desire to have a hunting experience, but do not have the experienced support structure in their home or extended family to help them. The Foundation will organize a cadre of experienced hunters who will serve as mentors for these individuals. The hope is to create thousands of first hunts that will create future hunters, community headers, voters and elected officials that support hunting as a valid part of the American culture. {Pic of Jordan’s First Turkey}

The stories, pictures, and videos of these successful first hunts will undoubtedly influence others to pursue the same experience for themselves, thus allowing the Foundation to reach more people across a broad landscape. Our goal is to have a mentor program in every state that offers hunting opportunities. Our future vision has thousands of mentors taking youth out each year on all hunts (species) allowed by state laws. {Pic of Jessica’s First Bear}

The Foundation does not condone killing of animals for any purposes other than subsistence or management for conservation or damage control. Part of our mission will be to provide education on wildlife conservation as well as how to utilize the harvest gained through hunting. We will work diligently to have First Hunters understand and appreciate the State’s role and responsibility for wildlife management.